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  • Céline Janssen

    Céline Janssen

  • francesca urijoe

    francesca urijoe

    deep design, fermentation, psychedelics, zero-waste

  • Lama Diab

    Lama Diab

  • Philipp Spaeth

    Philipp Spaeth

  • mportillaospina


    I’m an environmental specialist and digital business strategist interested in social innovation, circular design, leadership processes and human centered design

  • Matthew Bach

    Matthew Bach

    I’m into energy & natural resources and passionate about governing them in a sustainable way. Eurasia gets my heart beating.

  • Nara Petrovic

    Nara Petrovic

    Author of Human: Instructions for Use, advocate of luxurious simplicity and fecologist; www.narapetrovic.com.

  • Alexandra Viana Silva

    Alexandra Viana Silva

    Trainer, Ativist for building a sustainable world, PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, mother.

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